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B283 Week 12

July 19, 2013

For my $100 challenge project I completed my presentation and submitted it.   During the semester, I spent $20 on supplies to make the prototype and for future product.  I ran out of time on this business.  My marketing approach for selling to travelers at the airport ended up not being an ideal market at all.  I will need to rethink how to reach my target market of US citizens traveling to foreign countries.

I was impressed this week with learning more about Steve Jobs.  His perspective on live was right on target with what I believe.  It was amazing to me that he was fired from the very company he helped found.  I was impressed that despite this experience he was able to fine a silver lining in the experience.  He was able to return again to his creativity and still do what he loved.  I agree with his idea of learning to trust that everything will be alright, even when you cannot see how.  In the future you can look back and see how all the pieces fit together to make something great out of your life.  He also said that we should  make a difference in the world.  His story was very inspiring for me.

I feel I have learned a great deal in this class.  I am anxious to get a business up and running soon.


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