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B283 Journal lesson 9

June 30, 2013

This week for my $100 challenge project I redesigned my security pouch.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the airport.  I wish I had time to do some product testing in the market.

I listened to Guy Kawasaki talking about business then and now.  He compared different aspects of business from the late 1990’s to today.  In the late 1990’s he said the foundation of business was a company’s cleverness.  A company should build its brand and raise more money.  The key employee was an MBA.  A company should advertise and think globally.  Business development consisted of forming alliances.  The purpose of the company was to make money by holding it for the short term and then liquidating it.  The big picture was to build the next big thing.

Today, Kawasaki says things are different.  The foundation for a company is technology.  The priority is to build a business.  Financing is tough and the company may have to bootstrap.  The key employee is the engineer.  Instead of advertising companies get others to say good things about them.   You must sell people on your dream of making the world a better place.  Today, a company must think local by proving its product or service in the local market first to make sure it works.   The business development is on doing business or not doing business.   The reason for a company is for following a passion to change the world.  Kawasaki says the big picture is still building the next big thing, but he challenges companies to do something 10 times better.  Even if it fails there is something that is gained from trying to do something challenging and great.


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