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B283 Journal entry lesson 7

June 14, 2013

For my $100 challenge project I discovered through research that to make my security pocket have a chance at selling I need to have a zipper closure on it.  I had thought that the pressure of the belt against the opening would hold it closed just fine, but my husband said he would not feel comfortable with it unless it had a zipper.  I can see this would be a concern.  I must find a cheap source for zippers to keep the price down.  I have already spent about $10 of my $20 dollars in supplies.  I still need an instruction tag for the product.  I also need to find out how the buying works for the airport shops.  If all the shops are owned by larger companies, I may not be able to place my produce.  I am hoping there is at least one business that is a sole proprietorship that will let me display my product.

After listening to the Acton Hero video about Russ Rosenzweig, I am reminded again of the importance of focusing on the right target customer.  I thought I had a good one for my $100 challenge but I may have to rethink it if I cannot sell in the airport.

I found the article by Kim Clark about leading with a little “L” to be very inspiring.  This class has been a blessing to me.  I have been introduced to so many things about starting a business that I had not thought about before.  I am thankful for this information. 


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