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B283 Journal Lesson 3

May 19, 2013

This week for my $100 challenge business, I created my business plan and purchased the materials to make a prototype of my product.  I have noticed I am beginning to see more business opportunities around me.  This did not used to be the case.  It is excited to be developing this awareness.

This week as I read in The E Myth by Michael Berber, I learned something about myself.  Mr. Berber describes three personalities inside of each of us when running a business, the technician, the manager, and the entrepreneur.  The technician is the doer.  The manager is the planner and organizer.  The entrepreneur is the creator and the one with the vision.  Mr. Berber says these need to be in balance with each other for me to be successful in my business venture.   I was playing the role of the technician and forgetting to think of the other two roles.  In my big idea business plan I was setting myself up for failure.  As I thought on this, I began making changes to my plan. 

I also found the list of “Defining Dozen” questions from the Startup Nation website to be very revealing.  They were a great help to me in thinking through the planning process.


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