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B283 Entrepreneur Entry 1

May 3, 2013

As for my $100 challenge project, I am thinking about it.  Last week I looked at the KIVA website to find someone to donate the profits to.  A woman from Pakistan caught my eye.  She is about my age and is also a seamstress trying to supplement the family income.


I am currently reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.  This book has opened my mind to many new ideas.  I am impressed with the data collection and study of great companies and good companies Mr. Collins and his research team did.  They were surprised by their findings but I am not.  They discovered basic truths which he recognizes as such.  I found it intriguing that these same basic truths are taught in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The description of a level 5 leader found in the book talks of two attributes the Savior has, humility and strong resolve to do what is best for the business (mankind) instead of self.


The Lord has been teaching me so much since starting back to school.  The Spirit directed me to take this class this semester.  I have wanted to have my own business but lacked the understanding of how to do it. Last semester’s Web Business class and now this class are helping to expand my understanding, and I love it.


Keeping a journal will help me remember points I have learned and experiences I have had while in this class.  I have been contemplating starting a blog for others to read, but until last semester blogging was a mystery to me.  I didn’t realize how easy and convenient it would be to journal online. I am thankful for the new skill.


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