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B250 Journal Week 4

February 9, 2013

This has been a good week.  I learned “Eight Tips for Designing a Great Website”.   Here is the link.   I also bookmarked this information page in my computer.  Some things I learned about designing are as follows:

Stick to two or three colors.  Use a template.  Make sure the menu is easy to see and understand.  Do not over do special effects. This can be distracting.  Make sure the text can easily be read with your chosen background.  Have links to other websites come up in new windows, so visitors can easily come back to your site.  Have a search feature if you have more than 15 pages on your site.  Remember your content must be useful to your visitors.

Here is another website from this week’s lesson that I bookmarked. 

I also learned this week about doing business on the internet with credit card transactions.  I need to understand my responsibilities and risks.  PayPal and some other companies that handle transactions for merchants are safe to use, but I need to understand the agreements I sign with them and the costs involved.

I now have a host and domain name.  I have been playing with WordPress and working on selecting a template.  I heard there might be a problem installing a PayPal pay now button on WordPress, so I have been researching that.  I found some helpful blogs addressing problems with the process.  Here they are for reference.   

It is exciting to be creating the site now.


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