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B250 Week 2

January 26, 2013

This week I learned about buying product to sell from two different sources, International Brokers and U.S. Wholesalers.  I weighed out the pros and cons of dealing with each.  Here is a link to a helpful article on How to Find a Wholesale Distributor. .  I also learned about How to Quantify and Compare.  Information on this topic is saved in my Shirley’s BYUI classes’ folder under B250.  Learning how to quantify is a new idea to me.  I can see it being very useful.

Next, I learned about an Affiliate verses a Drop Ship Model.  I was confused at first about what an affiliate model was.  It seemed so different from drop shipping that I didn’t know how to compare it.  I understand it now.  It is a publishing site where you try to attract people to come get information or do something free.  The idea is to get lots of traffic coming to your site so advertisers will want to have a link from your site to theirs.  If people click on the link and buy something from the advertiser, then you get a small commission.  It totally cuts out shipping.  This model takes time to get enough traffic coming to it to make good advertisers want to have a link on the site.

The drop shipping model seemed a no-brainer at first, but there are some concerns about damaged shipments from the companies I hire to do shipping for me.  If any of these companies are not reliable it could cost me a lot of money to maintain customer satisfaction.  I became aware of a service called OneSource that has a directory to many reliable companies that do drop shipping.   The problem here is I cannot reach the directory without buying a membership for $299.  I need another way to find a reliable supplier that does drop shipping, if I decide to go this route.


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