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B250 journal week 1

January 20, 2013

When I started this class I knew how to surf on the web and that was about it.  I knew nothing about starting an online business other then I needed a good idea.  The concept of a business model was foreign to me.  I didn’t know what Google Adwords was or WordPress for that matter.  I have wanted to start an online business for a while but didn’t know how.  This class is giving me that opportunity.

I am excited to have Adwords to help me with my selection of an idea. I purchased an online version of Adwords for Dummies to help me learn that tool better.  I have been trying hard to learn, because I  want a viable business started by the end of this course.  As I do research I run into terms that I don’t know, for example, Jumla, Zincart, and Staticnet.  By the end of this class I want to have a better understanding of what words like these stand for.

This week has been a bit overwhelming but I am moving forward with faith.  I feel the Lord has blessed me to be in this class to help me reach my desire for an online business.  In time I hope to understand the different components of web business and how to use them. 


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